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untouchablelove's Journal

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[Note]: Unfortuantly I am not the beautiful, super powerful Rogue, nor do I take credit for her. All credit goes to Marvel Comics and the writers/creators of X-Men. This journal is simply a rollplaying journal for Rogue at next_phase.

Name: Rogue
Codename: Rogue
Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: brown/auburn, white streak
Appearance: Tall and fair with a well toned feminine body, some may percieve Rogue to have the ideal figure of a woman. With her flowing auburn hair streaked with a single strip of white and those dazzling green eyes its hard to believe she is as tough and strong as she is.
Disposition: Somewhat of a tomboy, and not the kind of girl you'd want to mess with, Rogue still remains a Southern bell. Commonly seen as an extreem flirt, she would like nothing more than to be in a relationship where she can be close to the one she loves, seeing her powers forbid any skin to skin contact with another human or mutant.
Known Superhuman Powers: Rogue has the ability to absorb other's powers and memories, her born mutant ability, as well as fly and have extreem super strength, which came from a permanent absorption of Ms. Marvel's powers.
History: Born in Caldecott County, Mississipi Rogue learned of her power to absorb other's powers and memories when only a teen after innocently kissing a boy named Cody Robbins. Orphaned and unable to control her powers she found herself under the care of a mutant foster mother whom Rogue would only grow to know as and call "Mom". Later in her mother-daughter relationship with her foster mother, Rogue joined the third Brotherhood of Evil Mutants where she lived on the wrong side of the tracks- going up against Ms. Marvel, which led to Rogue permanently absorbing Ms. Marvel's ability to fly and her super strength. Again unable to control her new found/absorbed powers Rogue turned to Prof. Xavier's school for the gifted where she learned to control her powers to great extenet, was accepted into the X-Men, and proved herself a loyal member. Later on she fell in love with Gambit, a new member to the X-Men. Their relationship eventually grew distant over time, but where it is now or where it will end up can only be revealed in time.