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Nothin' can describe how happy-- jubliant Ah am.
Bobby finally worked up the courage to tell me how he felt-- about me... about us. An' to put it in simplist terms he told me-- as well as showed me *blushes*, he loves me.

It's hard to say how long Ah've been in love with Bobby. As Ah've said before it was only when Ah thought Ah was goin' to lose him that any feelin's beyond those of friendship surfaced. For all Ah know Ah could've been fallin' for him since the day we met.

Ah wonder when Bobby figured it out?

Anyways, Ah'm in love an' that's all that be matterin' to me right now.

An' on another note Ah recieved a lil' gadget thing today, just before Bobby came by. Ah believe it's from the professor. Anyhow, it allowed me to be touchin' Bobby-- skin to skin. Perhaps I should get Tessa to be lookin' at it.
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