Rogue (untouchablelove) wrote,

Wishes Granted

Having yet another dull day wishing she could see Bobby again Rogue made her way back to her room to sulk and complain over her online journal. Pushing the slightly jarred door with her limp body she moved towards her vanity and plopped herself down onto the plush stool. Resting her head upon folded arms across the smooth cool surface of the vanity her fingers fell across the metallic obscene form upon her favourite pair of gloves.

Peering over slightly tanned but still very much fair arms Rogue spied the note and gadget left. Taking up note and machine in either hand she studied the gadget closely. Then turning her attention to the note she read "To a deserving student. May your dreams come true- to know what it feels like to touch with your skin." Jumping up with excitement Rogue dropped the note and fidgeted around with the mechanism.

Shaped more or less like an oversized poorly crafted bracelet Rogue slipped it on eagerly in hopes she was using it the right way. Waiting anticipatorily for something to happen in which nothing did Rogue began to desperately tap the metal with her index finger.

"Work, damn you!" she cursed at the in-adamant object around her wrist. And then noticing the tiny black button at the side of the gadget she stabbed it with her pinkie. "Now work!" Immediately the mechanism began to hum in a low soothing tone and before she knew it three small but thick needles, which had been hidden within the metal exterior, punctured through the flesh and veins of her wrist. Letting out a painful yelp Rogue collapsed to the floor holding her arm tightly to her body. "What sorta sick trick is this, Xavier?" she yelled furiously at the walls knowing he would be able to sense her anger.

The pain slowly settled as her arm drew accustom to the needles and the energy being pumped through her veins. Breathing heavily from the shock and tantrum Rogue stared down at her wrist in awe. Ah wonder if it works…
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