Rogue (untouchablelove) wrote,

Old photos and new torment

Sitting cross-legged on her bed, with nothing more than the dim light of her side lamp, Rogue sived through masses of pictures sprawled across her comforter; pictures from back in the day when everyone was new and merely good friends-- when she hadn't cared so much about not being near Bobby... not wondering if Bobby cared about her. Everyone was just friends.

Picking up the next picture closest to her she found an image of herself on a swing with Bobby posing right in behind her. They were close then- friends that is, but not as close as they had suddenly become, nore as close as she wanted them to be.

"Bobby," she whispered in a longful voice, tracing a finger along his one-dimentional glossy face.

Just as soon as he had awaken he was gone again-- off to some retreat not too far off, but far enough. He had left her hanging not knowing if he shared her feelings- if he loved her as she had quickly blurted out to him that day he awoke from a comma. His reaction was simply one of shock- one she could not decipher as good or bad. At such a time she wished she had been gifted with telepathy, but no such luck. She was gifted- or cursed rather, with the ability to absorb a living being's powers and/or life with a touch. More than anything she was afraid this would be the deciding factor that would lead to Bobby's choice to chance being with her or not.

Bringing the picture to her lips she kissed his image. "Ah need you Bobby, more than you know... but are you willin' to take that leap of faith. Ah know you feel somethin' for me... and Ah can only pray that it is love." She paused as she glanced out the window. "Come home Bobby an' tell me I'm right." Then with heavy eyes on the verge of tearing and filled with fatigue, Rogue lay her head down upon the blanket of photos. Held tight to her body like a teddy bear was Bobby's picture.
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