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Bobby's awake!!!
He's alive! Nothing can ruin this day.

I went over to his room to find comfort in his absence and ended up findin' him awake! I don't know if I surprised him or scared him by my sudden appearence and taking him into my arms... and cryin'... And then I kissed him... now that I think about it I think I did scare him.

What have I done!?!?
I have ruined everythin'.
I'm such a bubble head!!!
Too damn flirty for my own good.
But I wasn't flirtin' with Bobby!
I actually want Bobby- love Bobby.
What if he doesn't want me.
What if he's not into havin' a girl!?

My minds to full of thoughts to actually think an' try and write anything anymore. I think I'll go and grab myself a lil' somethin' to eat and then try and sort out these thoughts and feelin's. All I need to do is make another mistake and then I'll have scared off Bobby for good.
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