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Gambit- Swift winds blew against the brown locks forming before the Cajuns eyes as he waited outside upon the trusty 'Steed'. Harley was warm still from its jaunt from garages round to the front driveway of the estate. Now it fell silent beneath him, waiting to be kicked into action. He wasn’t sure what to wear, so he just went casual. It made more sense to him, besides, he was the Ragin' Cajun, he wasn’t meant to be making the appearance of smartness and effort. That was against the rules. Still, most of his hair was tied in a ponytail, tips straggling down the spine of the black leather jacket slung over white shirted torso. Set of blue jeans set off the ensemble, tucked over the tops of the leather boots beneath. Cigarette passed between his lips and he muttered quietly. “Where you at Belle? We don' be going soon, ol' red eye gonna be glarin' at us.”

Rogue- Rogue had been typing out a poem she had suddenly found herself thinking about and inspired to write when she glimpsed at the digital clock beside her bed. 11:30! She had promised Remy who agreed to her invitation to pull an all nighter watching movies and indulging in coffee to meet her at 11! Barely ready to go out in public Rogue quickly changed into a pair of low riding jeans and a white tank. Throwing her hair in a ponytail she grabbed her purse and raced out of her room. Running down the stairs and slipping across the cool ceramic floor, Rogue jerked open one of the large front doors to the school. There sat Remy on his Harley calm and distant with a lit cigarette between his lips. Rogue was relieved that he had waited but grew full of guilt and weariness as she neared him “Umm... hey...” she said uneasily.

Gambit- Filter passed between plucked lips, expelling another plume of smoke out into the nights air. Impatience was beginning to slip through his form, although in all honesty he wouldn’t of left without her. Finally the creak of the front door was heard, chin lifting. “It’s about...” words were snipped short as cranium shifted to her, ruby orbs widening slightly at the sight before him. A moment was taken before he spoke again. “Y'know, you may be late but the view is worth it. I can almost be forgiving you.” Charismatic smile flashed from his lips as the cigarette was rolled between his digits and flicked away onto the gravel “All set chere?”

Rogue- Rogue flushed as she caught Remy's eyes scan over her. She wasn't dressed in anyway to impress but Remy seemed intrigued. Rogue blushed at his indirect reference to how good she looked regardless of the time he had waited. Turning her gaze to the side to cover her flushed face and then returning it after her face had cooled off she replied she replied to his asking of readiness. "All set, sugah!"

Gambit- “Then lets get out of dis place.” Bike leant to one side as one foot propped up the vehicle, the other raising to kick the lever into place, engine beginning to rumble beneath him. Body shifted forwards, allowing her the space to take pillion seat behind him. Helmets? No way. A little danger was always needed in life, and he enjoyed walking the precipice at the edge of life. Gaze shifted over to her as he nodded head to get on. “It may be no chariot, but it be faster than a cart any days. Got a plan of where to be going?”

Rogue- Rogue hopped onto the back of Remy's bike. Wrapping her arms around his waist and straddling the roaring, rumbling masterful piece of metal beneath her. "Well I was thinking the movies as I said early... perhaps the theatre then... It's your choice since you're drivin'"

Gambit- "Theatre?" There was almost a look of shock on his face as brows raised. The cultural life of the thief didn’t usually extend to a higher plane of existence in the arts and crafts. He had his own gentleman ways, but the high society life? He wasn’t too sure of that one. "Movie house prob'ly got more t'ings on, since we gots to be staying up all night, n'est pas?" Good save. It might do him for now. She hadn’t struck him as the theatre type anyhow, unless he was reading her wrong. "time to be going chere" Handle was squeezed, foot raised and the chrome and sable beast purred off from standstill, gaining momentum with each moment as it swung out onto the main road and through the tunnel of trees that lined the edges. Hoping she had a good hold, the engine was opened up more, breaking the speed limit in no time. This was more like it. Wind blowing in their faces and the adrenaline rush of pace running through him. He was feeling too claustrophobic stuffed in the mansion all hours of the day.

Rogue- The wind blew wildly as Remy raced off to where Rogue had no idea. She had originally thought the theatre but Gambit had suggested the movie house. Gambits hair whipped furiously at Rogues face. To avoid it Rogue leaned closer to Gambits body, her chin just skimming his shoulder. "So where are you headin' sugah?"

Gambit- Arch of spine settled himself in closer against her, feeling the warmth of her body plaster itself against the leather coated spine. Inward smile shone within his depths as he allowed himself a moment of indulgence before taking note of their direction once more. "There be an all night place I saw on my way in. It be no Golden Palace, but sometime de best places are the most common, non? Even a rose blooms in the cracks of de city' we used to say". Throttle was gunned as they moved into the outskirts of town, memory scanning the recesses of his mind in recollection of the directions. He had lived on the streets or under them for most of his life, to him even a dingy alley could be a paradise if the situations were right. You didn’t need a lot of money to enjoy life, you just needed to know what to look for. Soon the bike pulled up in front of the old movie house, the details of numerous films plastered along its walls in advertisement. Foot lowered to take the weight of the bike as he looked back at her. "Et voila."

Rogue- Rogue glanced to her right staring at the plasterfuilled wall of movie posters. Remy was right. It was no palace but they seemed to have some decent movies. Rogue released her arms from around Remy and placed them on her knees. "So this is it?" she said enthusiastically, meaning every tone of pitch in her voice?"

Gambit- Eyes wandered from the place back over his shoulder to her. "Movies dusk till dawn. Rumour is dey even be making a good coffee here too. Not be knowing 'bout de rest though. Guess we get to be finding that out ourselves." Keys were plucked from the ignition, tucked within his pocket by gloved mitts. "Apres vous Chere".

Rogue- Rogue swung her other leg over the back end of the bike. Still skimming over the posters her eyes fell on a chick flick movie. Rogue tilted her head in a sense of aw as the scenes of the movie passed through her head. She knew she wanted to see it again. But out of the corner of her eye she saw Remy reach for the door and realized that not only was Dirty Dancing a chick flick in which Gambit would detest her for but it would also make her look like too much of a sap. She knew that she had to keep up with her tough gal appeal.

Gambit- Body swung from the steed shortly after her alighting, readjusting the jacket about his shoulders. Glance offered about the place before turning to the house, taking handle and opening the door. Head bowed as he allowed her to go first. "See anything you like? Be figurin' you get the call on films, since I picked the venue. Be only fair" Main foyer was a red-carpeted affair, although only in so much as the floor had a red carpet. It wasn’t a plush place, unlike those deep within the city. But then the outskirts meant they were away from the hustle and bustle of overcrowding.

Rogue- Rogue bit her lower lip as she tossed ideas of what movie for them to see in her head. "Well...." she said slowly. "I'm... not really sure what movie to watch." Dirty Dancing played in her head as she saw Remy furrow his brow in disappointment. "I did have an idea but it's nothin' to good for someone as tough as you.... and I that is."

Gambit- Smirk toyed across his lips as the door fell shut behind them. "Oh?" He already had a fair idea. Time for that Remy charm, as gloved hand suddenly slipped into her own, other arm wrapping about her waist. A spin lifting her off of her feet in a waltz, leading her into a dance towards the kiosk. A tug of her form bringing her close to him as he grinned a few inches from her face. "Let me know if I’m gettin' warm, oui?" Lid slid over one glowing orb in a wink, impish smirk pressing over his lips with that vagabonds charm.

Rogue- Lost as she stumbled to keep up with Remy's dance she found herself confused and baffled, spinning around in endless circles. It was a good thing she had worn her gloves for he took her right by the hand.

Gambit- She needn't of feared, he was already wearing his own gloves anyhow. He had done some of his homework at least, playing in the files of the school to look up the details of his comrades. Forewarned is forearmed after all. Finally he let her be, releasing her from his grip and turning to the kiosk. Two tickets for Dirty Dancing were ordered, and paid for, before turning to Rogue once more and handing her a ticket. "Patrick Swazey, he a man who know how to be treatin' a woman." Wink tossed at her before casually sauntering towards the doorways to the screening rooms.
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